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Intellectual Property

J. Lorenzo Law specializes in intellectual property, copyrights, domestic and international trademarks, licensing, business transactions, business insurance, business and intellectual property disputes, brand enforcement, domain name disputes and music/entertainment law.

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Mr. Lorenzo, the principal of the J. Lorenzo Law, holds a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and has represented small and medium size businesses, as well as individuals in a variety of different industries, including book publishers, clothing lines, jewelry designers, toy and education companies, music labels, musicians, artists and employment agencies to name a few. However, one common theme in Mr. Lorenzo’s client base is either an artistic or brand element to a company’s good or service.

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Mr. Lorenzo previously served as a General Counsel to a multimillion dollar company and understands the legal landscape in which today’s businesses operate. Mr. Lorenzo is dedicated to providing competent, professional, conscientious and cost-effective service to his clients.

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